About Us

Sir Tashi Namgyal senior secondary school, nestled in the heart of the capital Gangtok, yet maintaining serene atmosphere, behooving the stature the school has achieved over the years, stands aloft as a premiere institution of the state of Sikkim with a glorious history of more than fifty years. The status to which the school has been catapulted directly correlates to the foundation stones of this school, self confidence, self esteem, self discipline and self analysis. The school is exercising its entire energy and resources to mould the pupils to fit into the changing needs of the society and preparing them to face the real world.

Our Mission

Our School is dedicated to achieve 3R’s as shown below:

  1. READING : fostering love of reading in students and master the basic skills involved in communication .
  2. RESULT: Promoting academic excellence and achieving 100% result
  3. RESPONSIBLE: Shaping our students to become responsible and productive citizens ready to serve the needs of diverse global society.

Message from Principal's Desk

Principal of TNSSS

As I walk down the passages and the assembly ground of Sir. Tashi Namgyal Sr. Secondary School I can visualize the chatter of eager minds, the shouts of excitement from every corner of our School. The unending energy, movement and enthusiasm flood the atmosphere of STNSSS.
Unfortunately COVID-19 with its sudden upheavals has changed our routines and lifestyles. Nevertheless there will positively be a day when normal times will return and walking into the School will be nothing short of a celebration!
However the importance of education remains consistent. We need to be prepared to take life ahead with all our normal activities according to the new normal. Let us consider this challenge as an opportunity. The COVID 19 Pandemic should not lockdown the aspiration of our young generation.
The Schools genuine concern ensures students emotional growth along with motivating them for intellectual growth. We aim to develop their self esteem, self confidence, and self awareness. Our boys are encouraged to understand values and sense of belongingness with a set of wings which may carry them far and wide. They are equipped to face challenges of the ever changing world. We have a multi-cultural boys’ population; hence we teach them the importance of tolerance and respecting each other’s culture. These resonate with the School motto ‘In Pursuit of Perfection’.